Slinky, Scaly Snakes, Bugs, Bugs, Bugs, Giraffes, Long Tall Lincoln, My Little Golden Book About the Statue of Liberty, My Little Golden Book About the White House, Pink Snow and Other Weird Weather, Giant Squid, Dinosaur Eggs, and Looking at Rocks

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Nothing says America like the Statue of Liberty, but did you know she was a gift from France? Or that the guy who built the Eiffel Tower designed her insides? Or that she was originally the color of a new penny? This is the true story of Lady Liberty!

Just like the president, the White House changes over time. Things get added. Things get replaced. Each new president puts a stamp on the White House. It’s full of stories. You can read some of them in this true story about the president’s home!

Here a page from My Little Golden Book About the White House.

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Slinky Scaly Snakes, paperback, DK Publishing

Look into the secret world of snakes. See them poison their prey, play tricks on their enemies--and slip out of their skins! 

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Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! paperback, DK Publishing

Read all about big bad bugs, clever little bugs, and some of the fiercest bugs ever!

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A Bank Street Best Book of the Year!

Tall, quiet giraffes aren't easy to overlook, but their 7-foot necks, 18-inch long tongues, and furry horns make them one of the coolest animals in hot, hot places!

Lincoln was tall and lanky. He told jokes and played tricks. He didn't always look or act like a president, but he was serious when he needed to be. He did the right things for our country.

Fish falling from the sky, winter in the middle of July, a turtle frozen in a hailstone--sometimes the weather is very weird! Many of the facts in this book are hard to believe, but they are true!

Talk about a BIG catch! A 25-foot giant squid hauled in by fishermen in 1997 was one of the amazing stories of the year. Read more in this fascinating look at the world of giant squid and cephalopods.

Dinosaur hunters went looking for bird fossils in South America. What they found instead were hundreds of fossils of dinosaur eggs, some with unhatched baby dinos inside!

Want to be a rock hound? Just look around--rocks are everywhere! This first field guide includes fun facts about the rocks you'll find, a rock ID chart, write-in notebook pages, and stickers.


Here's a peek inside Looking at Rocks:

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