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An educators' guide for Lady Liberty's Holiday.

Lady Liberty's Holiday is an entertaining picture book that features the Statue of Liberty as the main character. The back of the book includes nonfiction material about the  history of the Statue of Liberty. It's a perfect read for the 4th of July and is also a nominee for Montana's Treasure State Award!

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An educators' guide for 100 Snowmen.

100 Snowmen is a popular math-themed picture book with hilarious illustrations by Stephen Gilpin. It's a wonderful tie-in to the 100th Day of School!

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Activities for Marta! Big and Small

Marta! Big and Small is a Spanish/English picture book that fits in well with lesson plans on perspective and bilingual storytimes. It's also a nominee for the Missouri Building Block Picture Award!

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To draw la tortuga from Marta! Big and Small, click here.


A kids' activity guide for 100 Snowmen.

Kids have fun with math in this kids' activity guide for 100 Snowmen, by adding snowmen, connecting the dots, filling out rhyming couplets, and coloring!

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Activity pages from Scholastic Book Clubs

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What might happen if the Statue of Liberty took a vacation from New York?

A nonfiction Little Golden Book about the making of the Statue of Liberty, from its origins in France to its permanent home on Liberty Island in New York Harbor.